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Shazam! Fury Of The Gods Teases Bigger Action And More Fun

July 24th, 2022Shazam! Fury Of The Gods Teases Bigger Action And More Fun

Since Billy Batson first said “Shazam!” in the 2019 DC movie, the orphaned teen’s life changed a ton: he gained the ability to become a costumed superhero with god-like powers, fought the Seven Deadly Sins and found himself a family of his own. Now what? Good thing it all ended with “Shazam!” being a command echoed by a group of his fellow heroes, because up next he’ll face a new super-powered threat in SHAZAM! FURY OF THE GODS.

On Saturday, July 23, San Diego Comic-Con hosted Warner Bros to illuminate fans on upcoming DC Universe films. Among them, FURY OF THE GODS – coming to AMC Theatres in March – will feature a ton of bigger action scenes and more family-friendly fun to the studio’s lineup of comic book movies. Zachary Levi, Asher Angel, Jack Dylan Grazer, Lucy Liu and director David F. Sandberg attended Comic-Con to share more. Let’s get to the major reveals from the 2022 SDCC panel before it comes our way this holiday season.

Catching Up With The Shazam-ily

After the first SHAZAM! centered on Billy Batson’s unexpected journey in finally finding a home to call his own, this sequel will continue to be about family – as the panel put it, Billy’s “Shazam-ily.” After the events of the previous SHAZAM!, Billy is no longer the only superhero around, Shazam! has a superhero team with five more members than before. Zachary Levi teased how we’ll pick up with the super family this time around.

“Now, it’s a couple years on and we’ve all been flying around, doing various missions, trying to help the city in Philadelphia and the world at large, but we’re all learning how to do that, lots of growing pains, not only in our own powers, but also figuring out our own identities between the regular self and super self.”

Levi also commented that he feels this aspect of the film really allows FURY OF THE GODS to be a grounded story rooted in reality and what comes with coming-of-age as a human – something we can all relate to. It will certainly be exciting to see Adam Brody, D.J. Corona, Meagan Good, Ross Butler and Grace Fulton play these adult heroes for Billy’s adopted family in hero form.

The Wrath Of The Goddesses

Lucy Liu took the stage at SDCC with Shazam’s magical staff, proclaiming her power in the film right away. Zachary Levi pointed out that it was his character’s, but she owned her presence by challenging the actor to a showdown. It was the perfect way for Liu to come into Comic-Con, considering she is playing one of three goddesses in FURY OF THE GODS that the Shazam! family will come up against, along with Helen Mirren and Rachel Zegler.

“I really enjoyed playing a goddess because there’s nothing like it and to be part of the DC Universe and this world is the most exciting thing that has probably happened in my career because I grew up watching and reading comic books,” Lucy Liu said when answering a fan question. “It was an honor to be part of something so special and a universe we can all relate to because we all want to belong. It feels like I’m in a place where I’m home.”

Liu also used the staff to conjure her “sisters'' for a fun video message where Mirren teased kicking Shazam’s butt in battle. We’re highly anticipating the incredible action sequences between our hero and these new formidable foes.

…Shazam And Superman?

2019’s SHAZAM! ended with Freddy Freeman getting a surprise visit from the Man of Steel in the school cafeteria, leading fans to imagine a future where Shazam! And Superman might share the screen. And during the SDCC panel’s fan Q&A portion, Zachary Levi was asked if he might fight Superman in FURY OF THE GODS or a future film.

“I can neither confirm nor deny allegations such as these, these are not questions you're allowed to ask me on this stage right now. But no?” Levi said, before winking at the fan immediately after.

It’s clear there’s a lot of love for Shazam! And his potential in the larger DC Universe among fans. During the FURY OF THE GODS footage shown for the first time in Hall H, Shazam! himself is questioning his own place within his fellow superheroes like Flash, Aquaman, Batman, or even his Shazam-ily. This March we’ll get to see Billy Batson continue to develop as a hero and perhaps prove to himself and the universe that he can stand on his own and cement himself as part of a larger superhero team.


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