The Best New Animated Films

March 29th, 2019The Best New Animated Films

This summer, be prepared to get animated! A whole collection of stop-motion and CG-animated films are coming to AMC in the next few months, and we’ve drawn you a guide to the best of the bunch. (Get it? Drawn? Because we’re talking about animation!)

Be prepared to laugh, cry, sing and then cry some more. (We already know that TOY STORY 4 is going to make us sob.) Here are the best new animated movies coming to theatres soon.

Missing Link

[Credit: Laika]

Stop-motion animation studio Laika has created beloved animated movies, from CORALINE to their most recent release, KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS. Their latest stars Zach Galifianakis as the fuzzy Mr. Link, a Bigfoot, er, Sasquatch … OK, maybe a Yeti. Regardless, he’s a unique specimen.

An encounter with a pair of human explorers, voiced by Hugh Jackman and Zoe Saldana, changes his outlook on life. Guided by his new friends, Mr. Link leaves his Pacific Northwest home, where he’s the last of his kind, to trek to the Himalayas in search of his long-lost cousins. (April 12)


[Credit: STX Entertainment]

Remember the UglyDolls? Popular dolls in bright colors that look … well, we don’t want to say ugly, so we’ll go with weird. Because, hey, perfection is boring. The UglyDolls leap to the big screen in a musical adventure that follows the free-spirited Moxy (Kelly Clarkson) as she leaves Uglyville, where she and her friends live out a constant celebration of all things strange and beautiful, to see if there’s anything on the other side of a nearby mountain.

Moxy and her crew discover Perfection, where conventional dolls are given rigorous training before being sent off to children around the world. For the first time ever, Moxy feels less than perfect — can she learn what it means to be different? A slew of musicians lend their voices to the song-packed movie, among them Nick Jonas, Bebe Rexha, Janelle Monáe, Blake Shelton, Lizzo and Pitbull. (May 3)

Pokémon Detective Pikachu

[Credit: Warner Bros.]

OK, so DETECTIVE PIKACHU isn’t entirely animated. There are real people in it, too. But it’s easy to look beyond that basic fact when Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Bulbasaur and Snorlax are on your screen being all cute. This live-action/animation hybrid is set in the world of the massively popular Japanese franchise, where people collect creatures called Pokémon to do battle.

Justice Smith (JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM) plays Tim, a human whose detective father disappeared while performing an investigation. Who better to help unravel the mystery than Detective Pikachu?  The adorable ball of yellow fluff (who also shoots lightning) is voiced by Ryan Reynolds, who played the title character in Fox’s two DEADPOOL movies. Expect a lot fewer F-bombs this time around and even more fun. (May 10)

The Secret Life of Pets 2

[Credit: Universal Pictures]

What goes through the heads of our pets, other than “feed me, love me, feed me”? The world found out in 2016’s THE SECRET LIFFE OF PETS, in which a terrier named Max had to share his home when his owner adopted *gasp* a new dog named Duke. Now, Max and Duke are headed to the country in THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS 2.

Along for the ride are the rabbit Snowball (Kevin Hart), lazy cat Chloe (Lake Bell) and pampered pooch Gidget (Jenny Slate). They’re joined by two new dogs, Daisy (Tiffany Haddish) and Rooster (Harrison Ford). You read that correctly — Harrison Ford plays a dog. How can we walk away from that stroke of casting genius? (June 7)

Toy Story 4

[Credit: Disney/Pixar]

Ladies and gentlemen, get out your Kleenex, because TOY STORY 4 is going to hit you right in the feels. TOY STORY 3 saw Woody, Buzz and the gang finally leave their owner, Andy (pause for cry break), as he gave his old toys to the young Bonnie before leaving for college. In TOY STORY 4, Bonnie and her toys go on a road trip that results in Woody and new toy Forky being separated from their friends. (Forky, by the way, is actually a plastic spork with googly eyes, pipe cleaner arms and one heck of an existential crisis.)

It’s not all bad, though, as Woody happens upon Bo Peep, who’s been MIA since TOY STORY 2. In addition to Forky, voiced by “Veep” and “Arrested Development” star Tony Hale, new toys this time around include Bunny and Ducky, voiced by the sketch comedy duo of Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key, and Duke Caboom, played by Keanu Reeves. (June 21)

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