The Last Jedi: New Vehicle Toys

September 1st, 2017The Last Jedi: New Vehicle Toys

The marketing for Star Wars: The Last Jedi is heating up as the release date approaches. Force Friday is just around the corner and we’ve already received a couple of glimpses of the toys we can expect to hit the shelves this Christmas. We should expect the next trailer to break the internet in the next couple of weeks, but in the meantime, we're already getting plenty of sneak peeks at the upcoming movie.

So far, we’ve had our first look at Kylo Ren’s new toy and now we have even more news regarding the brand-new vehicles and ships of The Last Jedi. Thanks to the Star Wars YouTube channel, we have our first official look at two of the upcoming First Order vehicles. One of them is a new prototype of an AT-AT walker and another is a new class of Star Destroyer. Check out the video below to get the exclusive scoop on these brand new vehicles!

Introducing The AT-M6

Credit: Star Wars YouTube
Credit: Star Wars YouTube

The AT-M6 is the new class of walkers for the First Order and boy, do these things look deadly. It stands for "All Terrain Megacaliber Six" and will look to inflict massive damage against the Resistance. The "Megacaliber Six" name is derived from the large cannon that sits right above the head.

Unlike the former AT-ACT and the AT-AT that get their design influence from camels, this new walker has a more ape-like quality to it. It still stands on all fours, but the main function is the difference in posture. It's constructed to be able to stand its ground when firing the megacaliber six canon, with legs that will help stabilize it while it fires at oncoming Resistance artillery.

While we're not certain of its dimensions just yet, we learned that it's much bigger than both the AT-ACT and the AT-AT. With more firepower and quicker maneuverability than its cousins, the AT-M6 appears to be a grave threat to the Resistance and will prove to be a worthy adversary in battle. Let's just hope the Resistance will find a way to take these giant machines down.

The Empire Continues To Evolve Their Weapons

If there's one thing the Empire has done right over the years, it's improving their weaponry to their advantage. The First Order has clearly kept up this tradition and done their homework when it comes to large-scale battles against the Resistance.

In Rogue One, the Rebellion made it look easy to take out the AT-ACTs. Their armor wasn’t as strong as it could have been and the Empire clearly underestimated the rebels' attack. After all, this particular walker wasn’t built for combat. It was merely to transport their troops to other planets.

Star Wars

In the Empire Strikes Back, however, the Empire learned its lesson and developed a better, more improved version of their original walker. The AT-AT had thicker armor and couldn’t be penetrated by any type of blasters. As you can see below, this powerful laser gun had no effect on the walker’s legs:

Star Wars

Though the Rebellion eventually lost the Battle of Hoth, they didn’t leave without taking down some of the walkers by means of tripping them. The harpoon and tow cables from the Snow Speeders proved handy and got the job done. This time, the Resistance may not be so lucky.

Star Wars

It appears with the newly improved version of these walkers, the AT-M6 will be able to hold its own. With more canons, enhanced armor, and better mobility, these walkers are looking to prove more of a threat for the Resistance. I'm not quite sure if those Resistance speeders on Crait will stand a chance against these new walkers.

If physical features are anything to go by, I'd say the First Order is more than prepared for this battle as the walkers appear to be fairly balanced this time around. Forget about trying to trip them, these walkers won’t be taken down that easily. But it wasn't just the land walkers that are getting an upgrade in The Last Jedi; flying ships are getting an upgrade, too.

Introducing The First Order Dreadnaught

Star Wars

This new family member of the Star Destroyers is named the First Order Dreadnaught. It contains two enormous orbital auto cannons used to fire upon ships no matter the size. The rest of it is enormous, too: It's a four class warship that measures almost 5 miles in length at 25,162.8 feet long. Another interesting feature that this Star Destroyer has are the many anti-aircraft cannons on the outside of the ship. This should certainly help this ship keep away any pesky Resistance fighters that try and attack this ship directly.

The First Order Dreadnaught is also a much sleeker ship than its predecessors possibly making it faster and more maneuverable. I have no doubt that the shields are also improved. The Resistance better be prepared for a fight against these behemoths.

The First Order Is On The Offensive


After the destruction of Starkiller Base, the First Order is going to come out in full force and will not hesitate to destroy anything that gets in their way. The Resistance has already taken a major hit with the decimation of Hosnian Prime. Their government is shattered with only a few troops and their captains to take on the First Order. The Resistance will have their hands full and will need every strategy to work in their favor. They’ll have to come up with a plan to take down these new weapons and vehicles the First Order has created.

The Last Jedi will hit theaters on December 15.

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