New Justice League TV Spot

October 16th, 2017New Justice League TV Spot

Justice League is quite close to its November 17 release date, and in case that had slipped from your mind in any way, Warner Bros. has decided to release several TV spots to keep the film fresh on our minds.

Among them is a 30 second teaser, artfully titled "Coming" which provides some brand new footage of our heroes in action.

The clip focuses on Batman, who is "building an alliance" to save the world for the impending alien attack and needs help of some "warriors". Among them are Wonder Woman, Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman. We see a bit more from Bruce trying to recruit Aquaman, and yet more cheeky smiles from Wonder Woman.

It seems that the reshoots really have added to the film's levity, and this TV spot is more humorous than other teasers we've seen, with the Flash, clearly nervous, repeating his already popular line:

I just push some people and run away.

Although the clip doesn't feature the Man of Steel himself we do get some new footage in the clip of Batman's proposition, Barry being, well, Barry, Wonder Woman being bad-ass and Alfred cracking a wry joke. In fact, Alfred seems to be commenting on Wonder Woman's Parisian rescue mission, which makes us wonder if Diana is already co-ordinating with Batman even before they form the League together.

All in all, this small clip certainly offers us enough to leave us wanting to see more of the film.