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Tom Holland Talks Spider-Man Sequel

July 7th, 2017Tom Holland Talks Spider-Man Sequel

Tom Holland may not have even cast his web across the Queens skyline for Spider-Man: Homecoming, but the 21-year-old is already looking to the future of the MCU franchise. With the hero himself dropping the spoiler that Disney is taking him on a standalone trilogy journey, we have plenty of time to flick through the pages of a Comicbook and select some suitable Spider man stories.

Whether it be "The Night Gwen Stacy Died," "The Six Arm Saga," or expanding into "Secret Wars," there is enough potential to turn even the biggest arachnophobe into a fan of the wall-crawler. With Tom holland clearly in the Mcu for the long run and hoping to grow alongside his character, which of the famous fables of the web-head would he most like to see?

Two's Company

We know that Spider man homecoming will contain a big-screen debut for the likes of Shocker and Vulture, but it appears that Holland wants to bring even more obscure villains like Jackal and Carrion to our screens, as well as the iconic death of Gwen Stacy — again. Speaking to CinemaBlend, the titular lead revealed that he hopes 1994's Clone Saga could find a home in the MCU:

There are so many things we have not seen in Spider-Man yet ... I want to use bad guys never seen in movies. The first films were so traditional, and so scrupulously followed the character's classic plot ... So there's a lot of stuff left in stock. The Clone Saga, for example. It would be so cool... I could play seven characters. That means seven checks! I like the idea of having characters in front of Spider-Man who have the same powers as him. ... It would make sense, because cloning is more or less coming true. It would make sense to talk about that. Like a villain who would say, 'This kid has super powers, I want twenty like him who fight for me. I'll take one of his hairs and try to clone him.' And obviously, it would go wrong!

For those who don't know, the Clone Saga picked up from the early Clone arc from the '70s and continued the story of Parker's doppelgänger who had seemingly died in a big explosion. The '90s came and the clone returned under the name of Ben Reilly, even controversially suggesting that he was the real Peter Parker.

The long-winded story culminated in "our" Peter battling various clones of himself, who were all vying for the mantle of being the one true Spider-Man. It involved a plethora of heroes and villains, as well as the doubly controversial resurrection of Norman Osborn as the Green Goblin.

Game Of Clones

Given the Clone Saga's reputation as one of the most controversial storylines ever told in Spidey's 55-year history, it would certainly be one way to sell tickets or piss off fans. Holland could just be joking — in reference to the the seven salaries — but adapting the polarizing Clone Saga could be a stroke of genius.

Interestingly, the whole story would neatly tie into the recent theory that we will be introduced to the Jackal in Homecoming. Dr. Miles Warren basically orchestrated the original Clone Saga to deal with the loss of Gwen Stacy. So, could Holland's dreams soon become a reality?

Unfortunately/fortunately (depending which way you look at it), before we get anywhere near any of this, we'll have introduce Gwen, introduce Warren, kill Gwen, resurrect her, then presumably jump way down the line. Who knows, but if they are introducing Warren and Gwen in Homecoming, it could become a reality. Also, with the MCU known for its modern updates on classic superhero stories, maybe Kevin feige and co. want the challenge of turning the Clone Saga travesty into a triumph. Either way, I don't really think Tom has got much say in it, do you?

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