Top Gun Maverick’s Great Rewatchable Moments

August 23rd, 2022Top Gun Maverick’s Great Rewatchable Moments

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When it comes to blockbuster movies, one that has lived in the minds of fans for so long is TOP GUN. Originally released in 1986, the action film starred Tom Cruise, was directed by Tony Scott, and was a huge commercial hit, earning over $300 million at the box office, becoming a classic for movie fans everywhere.

But now, in 2022, a second film in the TOP GUN franchise has been released, and that’s the long-awaited sequel, TOP GUN: MAVERICK. Originally released in May 2022, the movie — starring Tom Cruise as Maverick once again, alongside Miles Teller, Val Kilmer and more — came to theatres and has grossed more than $1 billion worldwide.

Let’s take a look at some of the most rewatchable moments from TOP GUN: MAVERICK that has audiences coming back over and over again. For anyone who hasn’t seen the movie, this article does contain major spoilers for TOP GUN: MAVERICK.

Maverick Entering Into Supersonic Speed

The start of a movie is always an important part of any film, and the TOP GUN: MAVERICK beginning is one of the best. Maverick now works as a test pilot for a new scramjet, but when Rear Admiral Chester Cain decides that he doesn’t want to fund that project anymore because it hasn’t shown that the jet can reach Mach 10, Maverick decides to prove him wrong.

He takes the scramjet out on an authorized flight as Cain is arriving at the flight base, taking the plane into supersonic speed to show that it can reach Mach 10. Of course, Maverick takes this further and tries to go even quicker — which makes the prototype plane explode — and he gets in big trouble afterwards. However, there’s no denying that seeing Tom Cruise back in that jet was a brilliant moment, and one that several fans will never forget and want to re-watch over and over again.

Rooster Singing Goose’s Song

Goose in the original TOP GUN was Maverick’s best friend and co-pilot, who died a tragic death when his head slammed into the canopy of their aircraft during an emergency ejection. However, Goose’s son, Bradley — nicknamed Rooster — survived his father and ended up going into the military as well, reaching TOPGUN just like his father.

While the scene isn’t as action packed as many of the others that the movie features, Rooster singing the song that Goose sang in the original TOP GUN — “Great Balls of Fire” by Jerry Lee Lewis — was so heartwarming to see, and it shows that while Goose might be gone, he’s still around in spirit.

When Maverick Teaches Dogfighting

One of the best moments of TOP GUN: MAVERICK is when viewers get to watch Maverick teach his students how to dogfight. For ages, the TOPGUN graduates were flying amazingly, but it wasn’t until Maverick came in as an instructor that they learned the proper way to dogfight.

The montage of him dogfighting all of his students — and outdoing them in every single way — is seriously so much fun. They all look so frustrated at him beating them, but it pushes the students to do better, despite his unorthodox teaching methods. Not only that, but it wins their respect in the long run. So much fun.

Maverick Running The Test Track

A huge montage during TOP GUN: MAVERICK was when Maverick’s students had to run a test track to get them prepared for the upcoming mission they were being assigned to, which, at first, seemed impossible to do. While the students succeed in certain instances, all end up failing in one way or another.

When they confront Maverick about the difficult route, he decides to take it upon himself to prove that it is possible to make the flight. While what he did was unauthorized, it gave his team the confidence they needed in order to proceed with the mission, and to get him back as team leader after he was kicked out due to an incident with an F/A-18. Such a cool moment.

Iceman And Maverick

There has never been a duo quite like Iceman and Maverick, and that’s partially because of the great chemistry that Val Kilmer and Tom Cruise have. Kilmer’s role in TOP GUN: MAVERICK wasn’t huge, however, fans of the original did get to see them have a proper conversation in one scene. In it, Iceman uses his computer to speak to Maverick regarding his status as a teacher and his guilt about the past, saying that the “Navy needs Maverick.” It’s made even more powerful when Iceman, despite his cancer, speaks to Maverick personally. An instantly classic scene.

Maverick And Rooster’s Battle To Get Back Home

Rooster and Maverick were on some rocky roads for a little bit in TOP GUN: MAVERICK due, in part, to Rooster believing that Maverick inadvertently caused the death of his father. However, after some important lessons and moments together, the two worked it out and ended up flying together during the mission.

That whole ending scene where Rooster and Maverick were struck down by enemy fighter pilots was one of the best in the film and is totally rewatchable. From the moment the audience sees Maverick sacrifice his own jet to save Rooster, to Rooster taking down the Mi-24 gunship, to them somehow finding the way to an F-14 and getting out of there with their lives intact, it’s an incredible montage of scenes that truly show just how far they have come from the beginning of the film.

What makes it all the better is the ending, which parallels the first movie’s finale, with the two of them getting out of the plane, celebrating with the crew on the carrier, and embracing, as they’ve fully gotten over their past issues. Truly beautiful.

TOP GUN: MAVERICK was a hit for audiences everywhere, and while there probably won’t be another sequel to this film any time soon, there’s no denying that this movie filled that need for speed that the fanbase had been wanting for 36 years.

Watch Now TOP GUN: MAVERICK is available to Rent or Buy

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