Justice League Comes Together!

November 14th, 2017Justice League Comes Together!

Justice League is just two weeks away from crashing into theaters and Warner Bros. has recently released a handful of clips for their biggest superhero movie yet. While most of these clips are expanded upon from footage we've already seen in the trailers, there’s a great deal of new footage that has yet to be seen including Superman’s ultimate reveal. So let's take a look at the released clips and break them down (via Comicbook.com)

1. Wonder Woman Rescue

This clip should look very familiar to fans as this was the first footage shown for the new Justice League trailer that debuted at this year's San Diego Comic Con. The clip showcases Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman in all her glory as she takes down the criminals who've hijacked an office building and taken hostages.

Wonder Woman takes down the crooks with ease and gets rid of the bomb before it goes off, using her bracelets with precision to block shots. Diana certainly hasn’t missed a beat.

2. Batman Meets Aquaman

This clip likely takes place at the beginning of the film as Bruce attempts to locate Aquaman. Bruce is seen here speaking to Arthur Curry as he informs him that he is “building an alliance.” Curry doesn’t appear interested at first and gives Bruce a hard time.

One aspect of this clip that I really enjoy is the slight humor. Bruce realizes that Aquaman doesn't want to get involved but asks him to at least show him where Atlantis is located. This may be a moment of Joss Whedons humor we can expect to be sprinkled throughout the film.

3. Batman Meets Flash

From one superhero to another, this clip shows Bruce Wayne introducing himself to the Flash. While, again, we’ve seen some of this footage from the trailers, this clip does give us a pretty significant reveal; Bruce Wayne developed Flash’s superhero armor.

The Flash will no doubt become the team member who delivers the most quips when it comes to jokes. When asked by Bruce as to what his “special skills” are, Barry dances around the question by giving answers that aren’t related to his actual powers, including playing the viola, web design, his fluency in sign language, and competitive ice dancing.

4. Jim Gordon Meets Team

While it may be challenging to picture J. K. Simmons in a comic book movie role that isn't J. Jonah Jameson, his version of Commissioner Gordon may be just what the doctor ordered. Gordon is not supposed to have a large role in this film, but his presence will certainly be felt. It’s refreshing to see the start of the team's relationship with James Gordon, even if he won't be a major character just yet.

5. Batman Inspires The Flash

The Flash is the youngest member on the team and in dire need of a pep talk, and who better to give that pep talk than Batman? The inexperienced Barry Allen is overwhelmed with the thought of having to save so many people and suddenly being thrust into the heroic spotlight, but Batman calms the skittish speedster by telling him simply to focus on saving one person at a time. Batman knows his limitations and understands that the kid is terrified, but a good coach always finds a way to get the team working together.

6. Steppenwolf Attack

Although Cyborg takes up a good portion of this scene, it’s Steppenwolf who steals the show. After Cyborg maneuvers one of Batman’s Nightcrawler vehicle, he unleashes a couple of missiles directly at the enemy.

Unfortunately for the Justice League, Steppenwolf has other ideas and easily blocks both oncoming missiles. He deflects the first one with his electro-axe and catches the second one with his bare hand. Steppenwolf wastes no time showing how powerful he is while patronizing the JL by calling them “primitive beings.” The team will certainly have its work cut out for it.

7. We Need Superman

This is by far the best released scene from Justice League because it truly shows Bruce’s change of heart for Superman, saying to Alfred that Superman “is more human than I am.” Bruce continues to expand upon the fact he understands all the good Superman has done and how much of a blow it is to humanity that he's gone. This is why he believes that “the world needs Superman and the team needs Clark.”

Justice League will be in theaters on November 16th.

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