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We’re Off to See the Wonderful Wizard of Oz

October 23rd, 2019We’re Off to See the Wonderful Wizard of Oz

There’s no place like your favorite AMC to see THE WIZARD OF OZ in Dolby Cinema. From October 25–31, the timeless classic returns to the big screen to sweep audiences away to a magical land. Follow Dorothy, Toto and their new friends on the yellow brick road to Emerald City once again.

You and your family may have watched the musical fantasy countless times, but you’ve never experienced Oz like this. The transition from a black-and-white to colorful world is even brighter and more vibrant with Dolby Cinema’s dramatic imaging. And let’s not forget about the horse of a different color!

The musical selection is also a large part of what makes THE WIZARD OF OZ so magical. With Dolby Cinema’s moving audio, you’ll feel like you’re in Kansas with Dorothy as she longingly sings “Over the Rainbow,” and you’ll look around the theatre in anticipation when Glenda encourages the munchkins to “Come Out, Come Out…”

But, as you know, there is also dark magic in Oz, with the Wicked Witch of the West seeking vengeance for her sister and of course the powerful ruby red slippers. To take you further into the story and suspense, Dolby Cinema’s spacious, high-powered, reserved recliners pulsate with the action.

The Dolby Cinema at AMC experience is like none other and is especially exciting for the whole family to enjoy THE WIZARD OF OZ. The movie is only playing from October 25–31, so make sure you get your tickets today!

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