New BTS Justice League Photo

October 27th, 2017New BTS Justice League Photo

Zack Snyder's work in the Dceu has been praised and criticized for being dark, hyper-stylized and for heavily relying on special-effects. While the director's signature techniques can be debated forever, there is no denying that Snyder is enthusiastic about his job and loves to get into the action. As fans also recognize and respect Snyder's substantial involvement in the DCEU, they were left disheartened when he had to leave the universe's most recent project due to tragic circumstances, handing over directorial responsibilities to Joss Whedon. However, as Snyder had promised fans to share behind-the-scenes images of Justice League, the filmmaker has stayed true to his commitment by flaunting his bow-handling skills on Vero.

Zack Teaches Amazonians To Kill Parademons

(Credit: Zack Snyder Vero/Redditor BatmanISGotham)
(Credit: Zack Snyder Vero/Redditor BatmanISGotham)

Justice League will comprise of two invasions conducted by Steppenwolf and his Parademon forces: one will be taking place during medieval times, and the other one in the present era. While this particular photograph might confuse fans regarding Snyder's whereabouts, the Amazonian's costume (in the background) makes it clear that he'll be seen directing Steppenwolf's second invasion in Themyscira.

We've seen from trailers that during Steppenwolf's first invasion of Earth, Amazonians, Atlanteans and humans had united to protect their homeland. Although the teaser provided brief glimpses of the war, Snyder's previous B.T.S photo had made it clear that the Amazonians were wearing leather-based armor, synonymous to the ones they were sporting during the beach attack sequence in Wonder Woman.

However, as a significant period of time has passed since the Amazonians faced Nazi bullets, the foot-soldiers of Themyscira have received a severe upgrade to face similar or even greater dangers – hence the golden gear. Now whether it'll be enough to safeguard them for Steppenwolf's electro-axe, is a question that will be answered once Justice League arrives in theaters.

While most fans were worried how much of the movie will be re-shot by Joss Whedon, Snyder's photos indicate that his involvement in the action set-pieces will remain untarnished. In addition to that, as Snyder has a habit of cameoing in movies, fans should be on the lookout for a similar secret appearance by the director during Justice League.

(Source: Reddit)