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Get Premiere perks like FREE size upgrades on popcorn and fountain drinks. Save up to $5 on tickets on Tuesdays* and earn points 5x faster than Insiders (100 points per $1 spent) – all for just $15 a year.

Benefits, Rewards & Offers

Free Large Popcorn Refill

Free Large Popcorn Refill

Both Insider and Premiere members get a FREE refill every time they buy a large popcorn! Simply show your card, virtual card or account number at the concession stand.

Tuesday Ticket Savings

Tuesday Ticket Savings*

All AMC Stubs members enjoy Tuesday ticket savings, with Insiders saving up to $2. Premiere members get an even bigger savings with up to $5 off! It's our way of saying thanks for being a member.

$5 Reward for Every 5,000 Points Earned

$5 Reward for Every 5,000 Points Earned

For Insiders, $5 rewards may be redeemed on food and drinks. Premiere members may use rewards on tickets, snacks and more. Activate your reward online, on our app or at the theatre to apply it to your next purchase.

Compare the Tiers

  A M C Stubs Insider A M C Stubs Premiere
Refill on Large Popcorn
Free every time
Free every time
Tuesday Ticket Savings*
Up to $2 off tickets
Up to $5 off tickets
$5 Reward Every Time You Reach 5,000 Points**
20 points per $1 spent
100 points per $1 spent
Waived Online Ticketing Fees
For 4 tickets or more
Waived every time
Birthday Gift
Free large popcorn
Free large popcorn & large fountain drink
Member Exclusives
Offers, screenings & more
Better offers, screenings & more
Popcorn & Fountain Drink Size Upgrades
Not available
Free every time
Exclusive Premiere Services
Not available
At the box office & concession stands

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AMC Stubs FAQs
AMC Stubs Terms & Conditions

*Discount applies to full-price tickets only. Total discount will not result in a discounted ticket price below the lowest published non-promotional adult price for the same movie, theatre and day. Present your card or member number to receive Tuesday ticket savings at participating theatres, only at the box office. Upcharges and exclusions may apply.

**AMC Stubs Insider rewards may be redeemed for concession purchases only. AMC Stubs members are eligible for one large popcorn refill on day of purchase only. Premiere service available at participating locations only.