It Pays to Join Stubs®

We’ve got three words for you: benefits, benefits, benefits.

$10 AMC Stubs Reward for every $100 you spend at AMC.

You can spend your rewards on tickets, drinks, popcorn, candy and even your renewal fee.

Earning your AMC Stubs Rewards is simple: The more you use your AMC Stubs card, the faster you’ll earn them, and if you’re ever wondering how many rewards you have or how long you have to use them, you can log in to your account online and find out. So buying some candy isn’t just a great idea, it’s also an investment in some future candy that your AMC Stubs Rewards will pay for, and that’s exciting, because everyone knows that future candy is the best kind of candy.

Free upgrades on popcorn and fountain drinks.

If you pay for a small, you can get a medium. If you pay for a medium, you can get a large. That’s just the way it goes for AMC Stubs members. Every day.

Get all of your popcorn and fountain drinks upgraded to the next size for free every time you go to your favorite AMC Theatre. All you have to do is use your card, ask for an upgrade and get ready.

Online ticket purchase fees waived.

Buying tickets online just got even more convenient. As an AMC Stubs member, all online ticket purchase fees are waived on

Never pay fees on your online movie ticket purchases again. Just enter your membership card number when you’re checking out and enjoy some instant savings.

Your online ticket stub collection.

Going to the movies is all about making new memories, and AMC Stubs found a great way celebrate those memories. Once you’re registered as an AMC Stubs member online, you’ll be given your own online ticket stub collection.

Your online ticket stub collection is one part scrapbook and one part time machine. Best of all, it’s easy to use. Every time you buy a movie ticket and use your AMC Stubs card, a stub for that movie will be added to your online collection. From there you can select that stub and make it your own using cool features like:

  • Add Friends: Add your friends to your stubs so you can remember who was with you at every movie.
  • Save a Note: Write what you thought of the movie and don’t hold back — nobody else will see your comments, so mentioning that you cried is OK.
  • Share on Facebook and Twitter: Keep the memories alive by posting your stubs to your social channels.