The truth is always in the last place you look.

When a truck loaded with stripped gun parts is hijacked outside of Queens, five notorious thieves become overnight guests of the NYPD, but that's all they need to hatch a plan that brings them to Los Angeles for the ultimate take, $91 million in hard cash. Roger "Verbal" Kint, an apparent victim of cerebral palsy yet an accomplished con man, soon falls under the persuasive powers of U.S. Customs Special Agent David Kujan, who's hot on their trail. Kint weaves a tale that begins six weeks ago, back at the police shake-down in New York. Assembled among the professional felons are hardware specialist Todd Hockney, entry man Michael McManus and Dean Keaton, an ex-cop whose hijacking and smuggling exploits have incurred Kujan's wrath. Customs has been building a case on Keaton for three years, and despite Kint's claim that Keaton is dead, Kujan looks to squeeze Kint until he gets his man. In a surprise plot twist, a pitiable con man is being outwitted by an eager Fed. Or is he?

  • 1HR 45MIN | R
  • Mystery

Cast & Crew

  • Stephen Baldwin

    Stephen BaldwinMichael McManus

  • Gabriel Byrne

    Gabriel ByrneDean Keaton

  • Chazz Palminteri

    Chazz PalminteriUS Customs Special Agent David Kujan

  • Kevin Pollak

    Kevin PollakTodd Hockney

  • Pete Postlethwaite

    Pete PostlethwaiteKobayashi

  • Bryan Singer

    Bryan SingerDirector

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