Name Your Poison

In the autumn of 1902, brash, small-time gambler John McCabe arrives in the rough-hewn northwest mining town of Presbyterian Church and at Patrick Sheehan’s saloon asks about buying property. Sheehan, Reverend Elliott, Mr. Smalley and several of the townsmen speculate that the overconfident McCabe might be a gunfighter, but McCabe insists he is a businessman and announces his intention to open the town’s first bordello. After purchasing a partially finished building with his gambling winnings, McCabe visits the neighboring town of Bearpaw where he negotiates for three women. In a pouring rainstorm, McCabe returns with the women to Presbyterian Church where over the next couple of days, he struggles to maintain harmony between the loutish miners and the distrustful women.

  • 2HR | R
  • Western

Cast & Crew

  • Warren Beatty

    Warren BeattyJohn McCabe

  • Julie Christie

    Julie ChristieConstance Miller

  • Rene Auberjonois

    Rene AuberjonoisSheehan

  • William Devane

    William DevaneThe Lawyer

  • John Schuck

    John SchuckSmalley

  • Robert Altman

    Robert AltmanDirector & Screenplay

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