Audio Description

AMC is pleased to offer audio description services to help its blind and low-vision guests and assistive listening services to help its hearing impaired guests enjoy the movies.


Sometimes called descriptive narration, audio description provides guests with a verbal narration of key visual aspects of movies through a wireless receiver and headphones.

Assistive listening provides a louder soundtrack for guests with hearing impairments.

Many movies that play at AMC theatre are audio-described. You can visit your local AMC theatre’s website to learn which movies at your local AMC theatre have audio description and/or assistive listening available.

Visit the box office or the guest services desk to request an assistive moviegoing receiver. Each theatre has several receivers available for either audio description or assistive listening. Tell the guest services staff whether you want assistive listening, audio description, or both.

A theatre employee will connect a receiver to a tablet to program the receiver to play either or both the audio description or assistive listening for the correct movie auditorium. After the receiver is programmed, the employee will give you the receiver with headphones You may either use the headphones supplied with the receiver or use your own headphones equipped with a standard headphone plug.

The receiver is a small rectangular box about the size of a deck of cards. Holding the device with the headphone jack facing up and on the left side, the front side is smooth. The back side has a large clip. The right side has volume up and volume down buttons. The top has a headphone jack, three LED indicators, and a power button.

For audio description services, confirm that the VI LED light on the top of the receiver is on. For assistive listening services, confirm that the HI LED light on the top of the receiver is on. It should be solid green or blinking slowly. You should also confirm that the power LED indicator is on and solid green, which means the battery is fully charged. Now you should be ready to enjoy your movie with audio description and/or assistive listening.

You can use assistive moviegoing devices from any seat in your movie’s auditorium.

The audio description will begin during AMC’s pre-show announcements. Some content during the pre-show is not available in audio description, however, including many movie trailers.

If you do not hear a voice begin to describe the video (or hear amplified audio for assistive listening), try pressing the volume up button several times to increase the volume. Also make sure that the device is on by confirming that the power LED is showing a steady green light or a flashing green light.

If you still do not hear the audio description, your receiver may be malfunctioning. You should find an AMC employee and request assistance resolving the problem. Theatre staff will troubleshoot the problem. If staff at the theatre are unable to resolve the problem, they will call AMC’s technical assistance line to request additional assistance.

In rare instances, AMC may be unable to provide you with access to audio description or assistive listening services due to malfunctioning equipment. If that happens, AMC will refund your ticket and provide you with a guest pass free of charge so that you may enjoy a movie with these services at some other time.

You may report problems using audio description or assistive listening services by contacting AMC at