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Assistive Listening Devices


  • Confirm that the PWR LED light is on and solid green, which means the battery is fully charged.
  • Confirm that CH 1 or CH 2 LED light on top of the receiver is solid green (connected). If light is blinking green, return to Guest Services or an associate for further assistance.

audio description receiver


  • The audio description will begin during AMC's pre-show announcements.
  • Some content during the preshow is not available in audio description, including many movie trailers.
  • VOLUME: Should you not hear any playback:
    • Be sure to check headphone jack is fully plugged in.
    • Press up on the volume control a few times to raise the device to an appropriate level, as the device defaults to the lowest volume when being programmed.

Now you should be ready to enjoy your movie. You can use audio device from any seat in your movie's auditorium.