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We believe everyone should have access to a great movie.

We strive to bring a superior movie-going experience to our guests—all of our guests. With that in mind, we offer companion seating to allow those in wheelchairs to sit next to their movie-going companions in standard seating. Nearly 160 AMC theatres also have Descriptive Video for guests who are sight impaired. Assisted Listening Devices for the hearing impaired are also available, which, depending on the theatre, may include:

  • FM systems — a transmitter is hooked up to the theatre sound system and sends the audio to a receiver for the guest.
  • Infrared systems — an emitter at the theatre broadcasts sound from the film to guests wearing lightweight headsets or body units (Installed in newer theatres).

Rear-Window Captioning

Nearly 160 AMC theatres are equipped with Rear Window Captioning units that emit a caption the hearing impaired guest can pick up with a device, provided by the theatre, that slips into their cupholder so they don’t miss out on any of the movie-going experience. Not all theatres offer these features. Use the Theatre Locator to find an AMC near you and check that theatre’s Features, Amenities & Accessibility tab for more information.

Additionally, AMC offers Open Caption (OC), Closed Caption (CC), and Descriptive Video (DV) in select theatres. Visit our Assisted Moviegoing page to find participating theatres and show times near you.

Accessibility at

AMC strives to make its services and Web site accessible for all guests, including people with disabilities. has been designed with guest satisfaction in mind along with providing a premium entertainment experience—we want you to get around, but also have a good time. While we’ve worked to provide a Web site that is accessible to as many people as possible, please reach us through our Contact Us section if you’re having problems with the site.