Amazing partners make for an amazing experience.

National Cinemedia, LLC

The most prominent work done by this group is the show before the show. Each month promotions, entertainment and advertising is created to make sure guests have something to watch before the trailers and the feature. And the size of the audience is impressive. The NCM® network reaches more than 720 million moviegoers each year on 17,000 screens.

But their work isn’t just entertainment and promotions. National CineMedia also works on special events and meetings. Through custom on-screen and lobby advertising, promotions and comprehensive meeting planning, these specialists create unique and utterly unforgettable in-theatre events in markets throughout the country.

IMAX® Corporation

AMC has always wanted to make a night at the theatre bigger and bolder than anything you’d find at home. And that’s why we’ve been strategic partners with IMAX since 2005. AMC features more than 125 stunning IMAX digital projection systems at top performing AMC theatres. Find an IMAX theatre near you and turn any movie into an event movie.

RealD® 3D

Continuing a rich history of innovation, AMC has partnered with RealD to bring you the cutting edge of 3D technology. The technologies that have been used in the Mars Rover and heads-up displays in fighter jets are brought into our theatres to give moviegoers an immersive experience like no other.

The Coca-Cola® Company

Our partnership with the world’s largest beverage company allows us to tap into Coca-Cola’s more than 3,500 varieties of sparkling and still beverages.

The company serves more than 200 countries with their mission to refresh the world, inspire moments of optimism and make a difference. We are proud to be a part of the 1.8 billion product servings The Coca-Cola Company provides each day.

Sony Digital Cinema™

Choosing to work with Sony Digital Cinema allows us to bring a higher quality of digital projection to our guests. Their offering of 4k vs. 2k technology enables us to bring you movies in 8.8 million pixels as compared to the lower quality 2.2 million pixel resolution. The result is rich, vibrant, big screen entertainment with a higher resolution than watching HD content at home.

Digital Cinema Implementation Partners, LLC

AMC has always led the charge when it comes to innovation and this latest transition in the motion picture industry is no different. Our transformation from celluloid 35mm film to digital technology began in 2007 and continues today.

The equal partnership of AMC Entertainment Inc., Cinemark USA, Inc. and Regal Entertainment Group has created Digital Cinema Implementation Partners, LLC (DCIP). Together, these partners have accelerated the the deployment of digital cinema in theatres, including procuring equipment, arranging financing and negotiating usage agreements with studios and other content providers.

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