Cinema Suites

MacGuffins Bar & Lounge

a movie theatre-restaurant for grown-up guests

Cinema Suites is a movie theatre-resturant for our adult guests, featuring extra-comfy recliners, an appetizing menu, a full cocktail bar and seat-side service at the push of a button. 

Age policies vary by location. Please check your theatre's page for specific age restrictions.

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  • Reserve, Recline & Relax

    Select and reserve your seat when you buy your tickets. Then, enjoy the show from our extra-comfy recliners.

  • A Menu of Delicious Possibilities

    There’s something for all tastes! Start with tasty appetizers and mouthwatering entrees, and enjoy a sweet ending with our decadent desserts.

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  • Seat-Side Service

    Browse our extensive menu of appetizers, entrees, desserts, beer, wine and cocktails. When you’re ready, push the service button at your seat and a server will arrive to take your order. Feel free to add items to your meal at any point during the movie by simply pressing the button.

  • Savor Each Sip

    Get your favorite beer, wine and cocktails at MacGuffins Bar, or order them from your seat.

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  • Host Extraordinary Events

    We’re always party-ready at AMC Dine-In Theatres®. Check out our surprisingly stress-free options or mix and match and create your own.

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How It Works

  1. Choose a movie and showtime.
  2. Reserve your seats according to your preference.
  3. Visit MacGuffins Bar & Lounge and get a drink for your show.
  4. Press the call button at your seat and a server will arrive to take your order.
  5. Enjoy appetizers, entrées, desserts, beer, wine and cocktails served at your seat. A server will bring your check before the end of the show.

Visit Cinema Suites at Any of These Theatres

No Outside Food or Drink

Please do not bring food or drinks into our theatre.