Fork & Screen

Fork & Screen

a casual restaurant in a movie theatre

Fork & Screen is a family-friendly movie theatre-restaurant that features upgraded seats, an option-packed menu, a full cocktail bar and seat-side service at the push of a button.

Age policies vary by location. Please check your theatre’s page for specific age restrictions.

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  • Reserve & Relax

    Select and reserve your seat when you buy your tickets. Then, enjoy the show from our premium upgraded theatre seats.

  • A Menu of Delicious Possibilities

    There’s something for all tastes! Start with tasty appetizers and mouthwatering entrees, and enjoy a sweet ending with our decadent desserts.

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  • Seat-Side Service

    When you’re ready, push the service button at your seat and a server will arrive to take your order. Add to your order at any time by pressing the button again.

  • Savor Each Sip

    Get your favorite beer, wine and cocktails at MacGuffins Bar, or order them from your seat.

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  • Host Extraordinary Events

    We’re always party-ready at AMC Dine-In Theatres®. Check out our surprisingly stress-free options or mix and match and create your own.

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How It Works

  1. Choose a movie and showtime.
  2. Reserve your seats according to your preference.
  3. Visit MacGuffins® bar and lounge and get a drink for your show.
  4. Press the call button at your seat and a server will arrive to take your order.
  5. Enjoy appetizers, entrées, desserts, beer, wine and cocktails served at your seat. A server will bring your check before the end of the show.

Visit Fork & Screen at Any of These Theatres

No Outside Food or Drink

Please do not bring food or drinks into our theatre.