Buying out a private auditorium

If you would like a private showing of a current film, you can buyout an entire auditorium. A buyout requires the purchase of every seat in the auditorium. You get to choose the auditorium size and the start time of your movie. Group sales can only book events for films that are currently in theatres, unless otherwise clearly stated.

Groups attending public showtimes

If you would like to take a group of ten or more to a public showtime, we will issue you a voucher that is to be taken to the theatre to redeem your tickets. Once showtimes have been posted by the theatre for your desired date, you can take the vouchers into the theatre to purchase your tickets. The voucher is only applicable if the theatre has the film booked for the date and time that you requested. The voucher does not guarantee any requested event details nor availability of seats. Please be sure to request a manager upon arrival to complete your transaction.

Do not bring your group to the theatre without having purchased tickets.

All events must be processed through the Film Programming Team and may not always be approved. Not all movies will play at all AMC locations. We will work with our film buying team to determine if the movie that you would like to see will be available at the theatre that you would like to visit and to obtain approval for your event.

Group Sales FAQ

Payments for all buyouts must be made in advance through the AMC group sales payment portal. If you plan on paying the day of your event, a credit card needs to be provided to have on file.

The majority of our theatres don't have a party room. If you would like to inquire about the use/availability of a party room, please contact the theatre directly to work out details if they have a party room. A secondary option would be to buyout a full auditorium as majority of our theatre locations do allow “birthday extras” inside the auditorium. Please request more information on this from your group sales representative.

Yes, chaperones must be included in the total number of guests. The ticket price will be the same for the entire group.

AMC goes far beyond classic concessions like popcorn and fountain drinks to give you an appetizing experience. We're always innovating and exploring new ways to bring the best food and drinks to our theatres. Please click here to explore our various concession offerings. If you would prefer to bring in outside food, an outside catering fee of $250 will be required. We do not permit outside catering of any items that are already being sold at the theatre or anything that requires a heating element.

Show Snacks coupons (Popcorn/Fountain Drinks): These come in bundles of 50 vouchers (sold separately) $4.00 per drink voucher and $4.50 per popcorn voucher. Please visit our Corporate Orders page, select your state, and select “SHOW SNACKS ONLY”. These are vouchers purchased through the corporate office at a discounted rate.

Note: These vouchers are not valid at dine-in locations. You will need to order Show Snacks vouchers ahead of time. These vouchers do not expire and can be used at a future time if you have extra after your group sale event. Shipping requirements do not accommodate: RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS/PO BOXES/APO/FPO or ADDRESS OUTSIDE THE STATES deliveries. When completing the shipping information please use a commercial shipping address. (We do not ship direct to theatre) Snack vouchers are also NON-REFUNDABLE after purchased.

At participating locations, kid's packs may be purchased at the theatre. Kid's packs include a popcorn, a fountain drink and a candy. Please contact your group sales rep to receive pricing for your theatre.

Not all our locations have reserved seating. If it is a reserved seating location and seats are still available, the manager ringing the tickets can put your group together. If it is not a reserved seating location, you should plan to arrive early and save seats. In all cases, we suggest that groups arrive thirty minutes early.

If our theatre still has seats remaining, you can purchase extra tickets at the box office on the day of the event.

To use a voucher for a public showtime, please visit our website to view available showtimes. If the showtimes are not yet available, they will be posted no later than the Wednesday before the event date.

Yes, the fee to rent a microphone is $100.

Additional access to the auditorium before or after the movie is available for a fee of $250 per half hour.

While this is not possible through Group Sales, our colleagues in Rentals can help you arrange this at a higher event price point. Click here to contact our Rentals Team.

If your payment was received via group sales payment portal, you will receive a receipt via email. Please take the receipt to the theatre before the date of your event and ask for the manager on duty to collect your tickets. We suggest contacting the theatre before your arrival so that a manager can have the tickets ready for you when you arrive. If you plan to pay at the theatre, tickets will not be printed and cannot be collected until payment has been received by the theatre. When making payment at the theatre, please allow an additional 15-20 minutes for payment to be processed.

You have auditorium access 15 minutes prior to your movie's start time.

All groups must be booked at least one full week prior to your event.

No, as a buyout consists of the purchase of every seat in the auditorium, no one else will be allowed to buy tickets for your private showtime.

Cancellations or changes must be submitted to BookYourGroup@AMCTheatres.com one full week prior to your scheduled showtime to receive a full refund. Canceling less than one week prior to scheduled event will result in a 50% cancellation fee. Refunds will not be issued after each scheduled event has commenced.

Yes, unless you request the movie to play right away, the standard 15 minutes of trailers will be shown before your movie starts.

For questions or to make changes to your request, please contact AMC's group sales team via BookYourGroup@AMCTheatres.com