IMAX at AMC Imax

The IMAX Experience®

Prepare to be transported into new worlds with IMAX, the immersive movie-going experience. Every element in a premium IMAX theatre is specially designed to create an intense experience, ensuring movie magic each time the lights go down.

Wonder Woman 1984

Three Reasons to See WW84 in IMAX

To be transported to the eighties and be immersed in the intense action of WONDER WOMAN 1984, you need to experience it in IMAX at AMC. We have three reasons how the IMAX experience will elevate Wonder Woman 1984 to a new wonder this holiday season.

Awe-Inspiring Images

Awe-Inspiring Images

IMAX is more than just a movie screen – every frame of the film has been optimized for cinematic clarity, detail and scale. In IMAX, the film has been transformed to draw you beyond the edge of your seat and into a new reality.

Heart-Pounding Audio

Cutting-Edge Precision Audio

From pins dropping to booming action, perfectly tuned, innovative sound systems and precise speaker orientation makes every note clearer and more dynamic, all within customized cinema seating for otherworldly experiences.

Immersive Experiences

Immersive by Design

Every IMAX theatre is designed to exact standards for a clear vantage point at every seat. Remote monitoring, real-time system adjustments, and custom-designed engineering ensures a completely immersive IMAX moviegoing experience every time.