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Infinite Worlds Just a Headset Away

Prepare for a completely immersive VR experience—with stunning visuals and 360° sound—that will launch you and your friends into virtual worlds more realistic than anything you’ve ever imagined. Shoot, soar, save the day and play to win in a state-of-the-art environment with IMAX VR at AMC Kips Bay 15. Welcome to the future.


IMAX VR: Nickelodeon Slime Zone

Nickelodeon Slime Zone invites you and your friends to slime and get slimed! Inside the Nickelodeon metaverse, an interactive virtual reality playground filled with the characters you love, you will step into a Nickelodeon character avatar and explore this multi-player, social play space with unexpected fun around every corner.


IMAX VR: UnSpoken

Immerse yourself in a world of spellcasting and magician’s duels with IMAX VR at AMC. Use the arcane forces that flow through your fingertips to rise through the ranks of an urban magic fight club!

The IMAX VR at AMC experience is not appropriate for children under the age of 7. Children age 7 to 12 may participate only if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, but may be restricted from some experiences. Those age 13 to 17 are welcome to participate with the written permission of their parent or guardian, but children under 17 may be restricted from some experiences. IMAX VR is a trademark of IMAX Corporation.


It's Time to Level Up

This isn't your friend's living room. With IMAX VR at AMC you're getting the most advanced VR headset and motion-tracking technology powered by blazing fast computers designed to let you suspend reality. The result? A VR experience that's light years ahead of anything else available.

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There's something for everyone, from VR beginners to casual explorers to adrenaline junkies looking for an intense thrill ride. Find the experience that best suits you by locating the content rating associated with the experience.

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