8/05 Indie Movie News

By Jordan August 5, 2016

‘Train to Busan’ Has Multiple Studios Fighting For Rights to a Remake

Sony Pictures and 20th Century Fox are in talks to secure a deal for a “Train to Busan” remake along with some of France’s studios.

Gaumont, Canal Plus and EuropaCorp are the French studios interested in catching a remake.

As France has its own high-speed train TGV, just like Korea’s KTX where the movie is set, companies in France have been particularly very passionate about remaking the original story,” a source close to the story told Variety.

According to Hollywood Reporter, the zombie horror film set a record for South Korean box offices. It grossed $38.8 million in its first five days of opening.

“Train to Busan” had its first premiere at the Cannes Film Festival this year.

Array Picks Up ‘Honeytrap’

Ava DuVernay’s Array has acquired the rights to “Honeytrap,” a UK crime drama.

The film is based on a real 2009 crime about fifteen-year-old Layla who gets drawn into gang activity. 

“Honeytrap” stars Jessica Sula as Layla along with Lucien Laviscount, Naomi Ryan and Ntonga Mwanza.

The drama is directed by Rebecca Johnson.

Drafthouse Films Acquires ‘We Are X’

Drafthouse films has announced that they have acquired the rights to “We Are X,” which is about Yoshiki, leader of the X Japan band.

“We Are X” had its premiere at Sundance Film Festival this year where it won the Special Jury Prize for editing.

“This documentary will leave you equally breathless and uplifted,” said Tim League, founder of Drafthouse Films. “It is the best music doc of the year, and we are honored to bring it to American audiences.”

They will release the film in New York and Los Angeles on Oct. 21.

The documentary is directed by Stephen Kijak. 

‘Clowntown’ Acquired by ITN Distribution, Inc.

ITN Distribution, Inc. has acquired the North American rights to “Clowntown,” a thriller about crazy clowns.

The film is directed by Tom Nagel and written by Jeff Miller. It stars Brian Nagel, Lauren Elise, Andrew Staton, Katie Keene, Jeff Denton and Greg Violand.

The film follows a group of friends who get trapped in an abandoned town and end up being stalked by violent psychopaths who are dressed like clowns.

“Clowntown” will hit theaters Sept. 4 

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