Latest Update On The Les Grossman Movie

By AMC February 29, 2012

“Tropic Thunder” was a big hit for Paramount and Ben Stiller, but it also brought Tom Cruise back in the spotlight thanks to his hilarious performance as movie mogul Les Grossman, a foul mouthed ill-tempered Hollywood power player who had everyone cracking up everytime he was on screen.

A Les Grossman movie was quickly announced after, but since 2008, no one has really heard anything about the project. And with Cruise's Hollywood popularity rising again to new heights thanks to “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol,” now would be a great time to get the film going. Screenwriter Michael Bacall had this to say about the film, whenever it gets to shooting:

“I wrote it for R because we had precedent with Tropic Thunder. It’s actually a pretty heartfelt story. I had a lot of meetings with Mr. Cruise and Mr. Stiller and it was crazy, it was a blast. I think we came up with some really fun stuff to give you an insight into who the guy is, so I’m hopeful that that’ll get up and running soon.”

I'm hopeful too! C'mon Paramount, get this movie going!

Source: Slashfilm

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