Alexandre Aja To Direct 'Undying Love'

By AMC March 9, 2012

Filmmaker Alexandre Aja has dealt with a lot of horror titles in his career, from "Piranha" to "The Hills Have Eyes." Now he's going into the supernatural horror realm as he signs up to direct the big screen adaptation of "Undying Love." The story is based off the title from Image Comics and was written for the big screen, and created by, Tomm Coker and Daniel Freedman.

In "Undying Love," the story is set in modern day Hong Kong where an ex-soldier strikes up a relationship with a Chinese girl who turns out to be a vampire. The only way that he can stay with her is to defeat the ones who created her who, unfortunately, has a whole army of undead creatures to protect him.

Aja is also signed on to direct "Horns" but there's no confirmation as to whether or not he'll be directing that picture or "Undying Love" first.

SOURCE: Collider

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