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Dwayne Johnson May Be In 'Journey 3'

March 9, 2012
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The "Journey" series must be one of the most successful fantasy action-adventure movies that have appeared onscreen within the past five years. So it's no wonder that New Line Cinema wants to move forward and make another installment to round up the franchise into a trilogy with Dwayne Johnson in front of it all. The "Fast Five" star is in the middle of negotiations to star in "Journey 3."

Along with that, Josh Hutcherson's character will be showing up once again in the third film, meaning that New Line will be whipping together a new contract for him fairly soon. Directing once again is Brad Peyton while Mark and Brian Gunn will be putting together a new script.

Dwayne Johnson is turning into one of the biggest action stars out there, not only making his mark in the "Journey" series but in the "Fast and Furious" franchise and in "G.I. Joe: Retaliation," out in AMC Theatres on June 29th.

SOURCE: The Wrap

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  • LadyNiko posted on Hugh Jackman Officially Hanging Up the Claws After WOLVERINE 3?

    I can see him retiring Wolverine after W3 but as stated - HJ is still RIPPED. He does some serious workouts to play Logan and has the body to prove it. If they cast someone younger to play him after W3 then they had better search long and hard because he is one tough act to follow as Logan!

  • Dr.Doom posted on Daniel Craig Back as Bond in First SPECTRE Teaser

    okay, i took the bait of the Teaser for the new Bond movie, and I am hooked. Bond seems to have a secret link to Spectre, This will be interesting. I love the way the new recycling of Bond stories have developed from the first Craig adaptation and reinventing of the role. Guess I am onboard to continue to be a person that has never missed a Bond movie. From when I first saw Dr. No and From Russia With Love on a double feature in the 60's as a teenager I have been hooked and still am.

  • psalpha posted on Hugh Jackman Officially Hanging Up the Claws After WOLVERINE 3?

    My hope would be that someday, Marvel Studios can reach an agreement to have him appear, at least as a cameo, in one of the Phase 3 films. Maybe as a possible recruit in the Infinity War against Thanos.