SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN: Featurette, Letter from the Director & Interviews!

By AMC March 30, 2012

Ewan McGregor and Emily Blut talk about their new film "Salmon Fishing In The Yemen" which is a part of the AMC Independent program.

Synopsis: A visionary sheik has a big dream -- to bring salmon fishing to the desert. Willing to spare no expense, he instructs his representative to turn his dream into reality, an extraordinary feat that will require the involvement of Britain's leading fisheries expert who happens to think the project both absurd and unachievable. That is, until the Prime Minister's overzealous press secretary latches on for its potential as a 'good will' story. Now, this unlikely team will put it all on the line and embark on an upstream journey of faith and fish to prove the impossible, possible.

Take a look at the clip below.

There's also a cool featurette on director Lasse Hallstrom that you can watch below.

He even wrote this great letter talking about the movie.

What I love the most about this film is that it defies genre definition. In the U.S. I notice that the film will be promoted as "an inspirational comedy." I actually think it is the closest you can get to an accurate definition.

I have never been a fan of genres. If a script is labeled as belonging to one genre I am immediately tempted to cross over to as many other genres as possible in my treatment of it. If you want to portray life truthfully, why limit yourself to a genre? Romance, horror, drama and comedy could all be part of a human story if it wants to be realistically told.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen has a little bit of that mix, it can't be easily defined. Its love story is unusual and original, its drama is surprising, and its comedy is both broad and understated. In my book of rules it says that you can jump freely between your different "genres" if you are authentic with your performances. If the people inhabiting your film are recognizable humans, and if you don't allow your actors to stylize a performance for comedy or drama or for any other genre label, you are free to try to make your audience respond with the widest range of emotions.

This was the best script I had read in years. I was so happy to have been selected to tell the story for the screen, and arriving on set I met actors who shared that same delight in doing something that wasn't formulaic. I could even say that magic happened. When the right people get together at the right time with the right kind of material, unusual things can happen, even the impossible can seem quite possible, like Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is currently playing in AMC Theatres.


Source: AMC

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