James Cameron Making Underwater 3D Documentary Called 'Deepsea Challenge'

By AMC March 8, 2012

James Cameron loves the water, and he also loves to film underneath it. The director of “Aliens of the Deep” is going under the ocean once more to shoot a 3D documentary called “Deepsea Challenge.”

Cameron will be manning a single-user submersible to a place called Challenger Deep in Papau New Guinea. The doc will be sponsored by National Geographic.

Cameron had this to say about the project:

“The deep trenches are the last unexplored frontier on our planet, with scientific riches enough to fill a hundred years of exploration. National Geographic, which has been exploring the world for nearly 125 years, is the ideal partner to help usher in a new era of deep-ocean research and exploration that supports leading scientific institutions in answering questions about the deepest, unexplored parts of the Earth. Our goal is to build a scientific legacy for generations to come. It’s also to inspire people across the globe to celebrate exploration and to explore with us online and through the media we produce.”

And here's more info from the press release:

The “Deepsea Challenge” expedition will be chronicled for a 3-D feature film on the intensive technological and scientific efforts behind this historic dive. The event will be documented for the National Geographic Channel and National Geographic magazine. Cameron also will collaborate with National Geographic to create broad-based educational outreach materials.

You can visit the website at:   www.deepseachallenge.com

Source: Slashfilm

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