Josh Trank May Take On 'Venom'

By AMC March 7, 2012

"Chronicle" director Josh Trank may be staying in the superhero movie genre a little while longer. The filmmaker is in the middle of talks with Sony Pictures to possibly direct a "Venom" movie. For those of you who don't know, Venom is one of the biggest villains in the Spider-Man/Marvel universe who has been doing battle with the web-slinging hero in the comics for decades. He was brought onto the big screen in "Spider-Man 3," played by Topher Grace. Grace will not be returning to the role in the upcoming spinoff movie.

Believe it or not, the "Venom" project has been simmering in development at Sony Pictures for a few years. Shortly after the box office success of "Spider-Man 3," Sony tried their best to lift the "Venom" project off the ground, at one point even recruiting Gary Ross ("The Hunger Games") to direct but ended up moving onto other movies. The script that Sony currently has in their grasp was written by Jacob Estes ("The Details") and is in desperate need of revision.

The most interesting part about "Venom" will be the inevitable appearance of Spider-Man at some point in the movie. Sony is revamping our friendly superhero in "The Amazing Spider-Man," due out in AMC Theatres on July 3rd.

SOURCE: The LA Times

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