New Writers To Take On 'Y: The Last Man'

By AMC March 28, 2012

There's a couple of comic book properties that have been simmering in development for awhile, and one of those definitely is Brian K. Vaughan's 'Y: The Last Man.' The creator of the highly popular comic book series just released his new original series titled "Saga," but thankfully there's still some life in this big screen adaptation. Writers Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia are inches away from signing on to take their own shot at the feature film version of "Y: The Last Man."

If this project sounds familiar to you, that's because at one point D.J. Caruso ("I Am Number Four") was signed on to direct before he dropped off the film due to unknown reasons. There's a script already written by Carl Ellsworth, but with the arrival of the two new writers they're scrapping that version and starting from scratch.

Created by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra, "Y" centers on Yorick, a young man who survives a horrible plague that wipes out every man and mammal on the planet. Since he's the lone survivor in a planet full of women, it's his duty to go on a journey with his new pet monkey Ampersand and figure out exactly what happened and how they could possibly fix it all.

"Y: The Last Man" is a ten volume series that brings Yorick around the world and through a variety of adventures that leads him to his tragic fate. If the new writers are really familiar with the source material, the possibility of turning this into a trilogy is easy to do. Clearly New Line Cinema has that in line or else they wouldn't be trying to still lift this off the ground for a couple of years.

Federman and Scaia have written on a number of television series between "Jericho" to "Warehouse 13." They're used to writing in the science fiction realm twisted together with a solid sense of realism. Fingers crossed that we see their interpretation of "Y: The Last Man" out on the big screen in the next couple of years with a great director and leading man.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter

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