Stallone Talks Rambo Sequel And More

By AMC March 11, 2012

Sylvester Stallone did a recent interview where he discussed everything from his relationship with Arnold Schwarzenegger to making the last Rocky movie to doing one last Rambo film.

Stallone did an interview for and talked about various projects in his past, including movies he's turned down, punching Richard Gere, hating Schwarzenegger and future Rambo movies.

On Ah-nuld he said:

“That went on for a long time. We couldn’t stand to be in the same room. But I like a good adversary. It makes you lose sleep and want to get up in the morning and go to the gym. We started in the business almost the same day. We were at the Golden Globes and he had won for best newcomer; I lost for best actor but we had won best picture, and I took this bouquet of flowers and threw it on him like, “It’s on, pal!” From that day on it was a very competitive thing. Then you move on, have families, and you realize that this fellow’s very similar to you. Now we get along great.”

His incident with Richard Gere:

“He was supposed to be in Lords of Flatbush. We were auditioning and would do improvs. He was always grabbing me and twisting my skin. I’d say, “Hey, stop! Seriously.” He keeps going on, then we’re sitting in the back of a car and he’s eating chicken covered in mustard. I said, “Richard, the mustard’s going to drip off and go on my leg and I’m going to belt you. I’m warning you right now.” He went, “Oh, yeah?” Sure enough he bites it, it goes on my leg. Boom! He goes, “Let me out of this car.” It’s like, “Either him or me.” I stayed and he went.”

What Rambo will do next:

“I’m dying to do another Rambo. He’s in Arizona on the border. It will involve him going into Mexico. I don’t think Rambo likes Mexicans.”

He also spoke about playing a bad guy in a movie called “No Rest For the Wicked”:

“I have one coming up based on a wonderful film that was done in Spain, No Rest for the Wicked. It’s hard-core, in the Bad Lieutenant mode. Badder Lieutenant, we’re calling it.”

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Source: Macleans


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