Update On The 'Lego' Movie With Title And Plot Info

By AMC March 6, 2012

If you didn't know it was coming, now you do. Warner Brothers is making a movie based on the popular LEGO series of toys and have hired “21 Jump Street” directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller to direct alongside co-director Chris Mckay, who works on the animated series “Robot Chicken.”

We finally have some new info on the tone and story of the film, along with the current title “Lego: The Piece of Resistance.” Lord and Miller said this about the stop-motion animated film:

“I would say the vast majority of the film takes place in an immersive all-LEGO environment… It’s going to take place in a universe that’s made entirely out of LEGO to the point where if there’s water or clouds or like a big explosion, that will be made out of animated LEGOs.”

With all of the properties LEGO has licenses from, will we see more than just the regular LEGO characters?

“I will give you one piece of tidbit which is that there are some IP characters, LEGO characters, but we can’t say who they are (laughs). That’s not really a tidbit, but it’s not just all original characters, there are some from other things that you might recognize.”

Sounds like they could be having a lot of fun with this if they're able to add on Star Wars, Harry Potter and Indiana Jones LEGOs into the film.

Source: Collider


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