Joss Whedon Talks About Scenes Cut From 'The Avengers'

By AMC April 16, 2012

The press junket for “The Avengers” happened this past weekend and director Joss Whedon talked about how much of the film he had to cut and what scenes were going to make the DVD/Blu-Ray release.

Whedon said that at least 30 minutes of the film was taken out to help keep the pacing the film moving at a brisk pace. Whedon elaborates:

"It’s some character stuff but it was more ancillary. Marvel never wanted to take the texture out of the movie, the little moments between people. We wanted, obviously, to streamline it and make it not so long that it became self-indulgent… but the thing I loved was there were so many little moments that I thought, 'They’re going to make me squeeze this out,' and they never did. Once we had the structure down, they really wanted it to breathe and for these things to be as textured as they could be."

Some of the scenes cut include a scene with Steve Rogers in his apartment and a scene between Steve and Peggy in the present. I can't wait to see these scenes, but first I'll be checking out The Avengers six more times at my local AMC theatre when it opens on May 4th.

Source: Dark Horizons

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