Pixar Is Keeping The Easter Eggs In 'Brave'

By AMC April 5, 2012

Pixar is known for slipping Easter eggs into everyone of their movies. From Lotso hiding under the bed in “Up” to the Pizza Planet truck making an appearance in every Pixar film, the company knows how to keep fans interested in using their pause button when the movies come out on DVD so they can try and catch the little surprises Pixar put into their films.

But what about “Brave?” Brave is actually a fairy tale and takes place in the past. How can you have a pizza truck make a cameo in that setting? No worries, says director Mark Andrews:

“Yes, everything is in here. Everything. All of the typical things, those little insider jokes are all in the movie. You’ve got hours and hours hours with the Blu-ray to look for them. There it is! But it’s right there, yeah.

John Ratzenberger’s Scottish accent is good, it’s not bad. He had a couple of goes at it, but he got there. he’s one of the guards in the background. His voice is in there but if you can’t pick him out we’ve done our job and nailed it.”

Wonder where the truck will make an appearance. Perhaps on a tunic or banner?

Brave opens in AMC Theatres on June 22nd

Source: Bleeding Cool

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