THE WOLVERINE Will Shoot In Japan

By AMC April 27, 2012

It was reported a couple of weeks ago that “The Wolverine” wasn't going to shoot in its original location of Japan, and that production has moved to Australia. Turns out that that particular news is only 50% correct.

At CinemaCon, Fox CEO Tom Rothman said this about the Hugh Jackman starring sequel to one of the world's most popular comic book characters:

“We’re doing the stage work in Australia… the location work will be in Japan. It’s set in Japan. A great number of Japanese actors will be in it and it’s based on the very famous run of the comics… I can just tell you on behalf of [Jackman], his goal is to make the ultimate, bad ass, berserker rage Wolverine.”

Sounds good to me. If they want to accomplish that goal, then perhaps an R-rating would be the best way to appease fans since that comic book run he's talking about was particularly violent.

The Wolverine is set to slash AMC Theatres on July 26th, 2013.

Source: MTV

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