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Video: Is THE AVENGERS The Best Comic Book Movie Ever Made?

May 1, 2012
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“The Avengers” opens in AMC Theatres this Friday and it's already assembling some of the best reviews to date for a comic book movie. But we wanted to know – is it the best comic book movie ever made?

That's going to be a question asked by fans all across the country when they see the Avengers this Friday. AMC senior editor John Campea wanted to get some opinions from around the web and asked the lovely Jenna Busch from and the fabulous Jimmy O from to put in their two cents on this hot topic.

Watch the video below to find out what they had to say.

What will your opinion be after you see The Avengers? Be sure to join the rest of the Marvel Universe and buy tickets for our ULTIMATE MARVEL MARATHON!!

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  • Becky Bonde posted on MARCH MOVIE MADNESS: Round 2 Brackets for Best Animated Film!

    I agree that fewer people see anime. I have to admit that if my daughter's hadn't convinced me to watch Attack On Titan I would never have watched an anime series. Through that I was introduced to anime movies and other forms of anime. If they had not convinced me to watch some with them so we could talk about it I would never have seen any. This is not because I have a bias but simply because I had never really heard of anime and had no frame of reference for it. Spirited Away is a beautiful movie that truly is an experience. I liked Howl's Moving Castle. I have Princess Nonoke and Graveyard of the Fireflies on my list. Akira is on my "maybe" list, the trailers just don't appeal to me; not because they are anime but because the content of the trailer is not appealing. Period. Give it another generation or two of everyone being introduced to anime and whatever comes after anime as a matter of course; part of the life experience that includes Snow White by Disney and Toy Story by Pixar and Curse Of The Were Rabbit by DreamWorks and Whatever Comes Next by Whomever Comes Next. Give it time...

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    Of course it's most popular how else can you quantify a "best" movie. You can't it's not possible. No one watched the Japanese movies so they don't win. It's really that simple. But also in money made they beat them So there's that.

  • Brandon W posted on MARCH MOVIE MADNESS: Round 2 Brackets for Best Animated Film!

    Why is there so much complaining about a fun movie bracket that nobody can truly say one movie is better. It's all subjective just cause your movie that nobody saw didn't win don't whine about it inform your friends make them watch it remember this is all for fun