By AMC May 10, 2012

Harry Potter producer David Heyman seems to have a thing for brining popular British based literary characters to life on the big screen. Heyman enjoyed almost unprecedented success with the "Harry Potter" franchise to the tune of almost $8 BILLION at the box office internationally. Now Heyman is turning his attention to the beloved Paddington Bear.

Reports currently suggest that "Paddington Bear" with be a live action/CGI film (live action with Paddington being CG animated which is the current trend).

The interesting twist here is that another live action/CGI animated bear is coming to the big screens soon with Seth MacFarlane's (Family Guy creator) feature film directorial debut TED. However, I'm sure the similarities end right there with TED being a strong rated "R" film and "Paddington" undoubtedly being a family film.

So what do you think? Is this the right time to bring Paddington to the big screens?

Source: Collider

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