Luke Evans Offered The Role Of The Bad Guy In FAST SIX

By AMC May 2, 2012

“Fast Six” news has been fast and furious these past few days and if you haven't been able to keep up, the various news stories might have left you sputtering at the starting line. Now there's even more casting news that hit the web regarding the sixth film set to shoot this month.

A few days ago, Rhianna was reportedly in talks to play a villainous role in the film, but that has yet to be confirmed. Yesterday I spoke to Eva Mendes and asked her if she was going to be involved in the next installment since she appears at the end of “Fast Five” and she said she wasn't going to be involved.

Now news has hit the internet that Luke Evans, who starred in “The Immortals,” was going to be playing the role of a bad guy in the upcoming film set to take place in Europe. Right now he's currently in talks and hasn't signed anything, but if he is cast, we'll be sure to let you know.

Source: Twitchfilm

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