Possible Villains For THOR 2

By AMC May 29, 2012

Without a word of exaggeration, when all was said and done I ended up seeing "Thor" in theaters no less than 7 times… 3 times in the first week alone. Needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed the film and one of the main reasons was the spectacular job actor Tom Hiddleston did playing the god of mischief Loki. Hiddleston reprised the character in "The Avengers" and is already set to once again to return in "Thor 2".

However, even though Loki will be back, we already know that he will not be the "main Villain" of the film. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has already mentioned that "Thor 2" will indeed have a new villain. This may or may not be who actor Mads Middelsen has been cast to play (he could be a minor side villain or the main one… we simply don't know yet).

This raises the question: who could the Villain for "Thor 2" end up being?

The one thing we do know for certain is that the Villain will NOT be THANOS. Yes (WARNING, AVENGERS SPOILER AHEAD) Thanos does appear in the after credits scene of the "The Avengers", but Feige has already said that Thanos is being saved for a later Marvel.

Now, I don't have any direct knowledge of who this new baddy will be, but I'd like to suggest 3 strong possibilities for who Thor's next nemesis will be:

1) ABSORBING MAN (aka Carl Creel)

While I have no doubt that they would change the name of "Absorbing Man" to something else less silly sounding (like they called the Cosmic Cube the Tesseract instead), but Carl "Crusher" Creel is a strong candidate for the "Thor 2" Villain job. Basically speaking, Carl has the ability to "absorb" the traits and powers of almost any object or person he comes into contact with. In the comics once the was able to absorb the strength of The Hulk (which is crazy to think about). This ability obviously makes him a powerful threat to Thor and opens the door for some fantastic looking battles and visual effects possibilities.

In the 2003 version of "Hulk", Nick Nolte appeared in many ways to be playing a pseudo version of Absorbing Man exhibiting the same kind of powers, but it was never explicitly claimed he was meant to be that character.


As described online: "Ulik belongs to a race of Rock Trolls who live in the dimension of Asgard in the "Domain of Trolls" in Nornheim. Like all trolls, Ulik has an innate hatred of the Asgardians as they were driven underground by the King of the Norse gods, Odin, and forbidden to live on the surface. Ulik is commanded by the Rock Troll King, Geirrodur, to steal Thor's enchanted hammer, Mjolnir, before an attempt to invade Asgard, leading to an extended series of battles with the Thunder God. Ulik proves to be a match for Thor, as the character possessing increasing strength and is equipped with knuckle dusters made of the metal uru (the same metal Mjolnir is composed of)."

ULIK has some great story devices built into him with the ideas of class separation, generational hatred and maybe even adding some layers and dimensions to Odin himself with his maybe not so great handling of the Trolls.


Love triangles are always popular story devices and there is obvious potential for a storyline involving The Enchantress (Amora) meddling in the relationship of Jane Foster and Thor (Natalie Portman is confirmed to return in "Thor 2" as Jane).

Enchantress is used often in various Marvel animated properties whenever Thor is around, so it's a strong possibility to see her appear here. However, they've already been using a magic user (Loki) as Thor's Villain for 2 films now and it seems unlikely they would return to a magic user again.

So what do you think? Who would YOU like to see as the Villain in "Thor 2"? Is it one of the characters I've mentioned? Is it someone else entirely? Let us know in the comments below and don't forget to tweet this to your followers and "like" it on Facebook!


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