Robert De Niro And Luc Besson Join Forces For MALAVITA

By AMC May 22, 2012

Luc Besson (“Leon: The Professional,” “The Fifth Element”) is heading back to the director’s chair for a gangland thriller after taking some time to step into the producer’s role on high-impact action offerings such as “Taken,” the upcoming “Taken 2” and “Lockout.”

He will team with Robert De Niro on “Malavita” a film about a former mafia boss (De Niro) who is living with his family in Normandy under the witness protection program when his cover is blown and he pulled back into the world of crime and violence.

Besson will direct from a script he adapted from Tonino Benacquista's novel “Badfellas.”

We will keep you updated as details on the project emerge.

Source: First Showing

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