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Stallone And De Niro Could Face Off In GRUDGE MATCH

May 31, 2012
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It's hard to believe that a few years ago it looked like Sylvester Stallone's career had entered the final years of its twilight. From 1993 to about 2005 Sly appeared in a lot of films, but very few memorable (an exception would probably be "Copland") and a few even going straight to home video. That all changed in 2006 when he returned to his roots so to say, in the incredible "Rocky Balboa" which was quickly followed up with a return to another one of his founding characters in "Rambo". Sly was back and he hasn't slowed down since.

Then you have one of the all time great actors, Robert De Niro, whose arguably best role was that of a boxer as well in "Raging Bull". Now it looks like the two will be hitting the screen together again (they were both in "Copland") in the upcoming comedy "Grudge Match" where the two are in talks to appear as old boxing rivals who glove up for one last fight based on a script most recently crafted by "Entourage" creator Doug Ellin.

Peter Segal ("Anger Management", "Get Smart", "The Longest Yard") has been set to direct the film since 2010 and has been waiting apparently for the script to be right. Seems the script is where they want it now and so talks with Stallone and De Niro have begun.

There's a lot of potential here, but what do YOU think? Would you be looking forward to seeing De Niro and Stallone go toe-to-toe? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Source: ScreenRant

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