CHUCK Star Zach Levi To Join THOR 2

By AMC June 11, 2012

Being mostly a movie guy I don't actually have a lot of time to watch much TV, but I do have a few favorites I squeeze in every week. One of the shows I used to watch until its finale this past season was the NBC show "Chuck". Chuck embodied the geek culture in which a lot of us dwell and over all i just thought it was a clever show.

The star of that show was Zachary Levi who also did the male lead voice of Flynn in the animated film "Tangled" in 2010 (which I actually really liked) and is just an all round great guy (name dropping time… that's Zach with me in the picture below at Comic Con last year).

Zach was also originally cast as Thor's trusted friend and member of the Warriors Three, Fandral. However, when "Chuck" was picked up for another season, Zach had to bow out of the talks and the role went to Josh Dallas who did an excellent job. However, it seems irony is coming into play for the character of Thandral.

According to reports, Josh's shooting schedule with his show "Once Upon A Time" is in conflict with the "Thor 2" shooting schedule which means Marvel has to recast the role… and it looks like Zach Levi is the man they're going to putting in the game. Apparently the casting is still in the "discussion" stage, but insiders are saying it's only a matter a time before they announce Levi as the new Thandral for "Thor 2" which I think is fantastic.

But what do YOU think? If Dallas can't return to "Thor 2" are you excited about Levi filling the role he was originally supposed to have or do you think another performer would be better suited for the job? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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