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DRIVE Sequel DRIVEN On The Way

June 4, 2012
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"Drive", the 2011 hit which featured Ryan Gosling as the tight lipped hero with a propensity for massive amounts of violence, was a pleasant and shocking surprise to a lot of film fans and critics alike. The film made around $75 million world wide on a reported $15 million dollar budget which are the kind of numbers that makes any studio smile… smile AND think about sequels.

In this case, the author of the original "Drive" novel, James Sallis, was already ahead of the game and started penning the sequel "Driven" almost immediately after the original hit the theaters. Sallis describes "Driven" this way:

In the new story, which happens seven years after the events of the first film, "He is trying to suppress the violence – but the sequel shows the process of him accepting that this is who he is. He tries to become a normal person and re-invents himself. After his fiancée is killed, the violence is unleashed again."

I really enjoyed the first "Drive" and I'd love to see what happens to Gosling's character after he drives off at the end of the film, so count me in for this one.

What do YOU think? Are you glad another "Drive" film is in development? Do you think they should just leave it alone? Let us know your thought below.

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