Who Should Play Batman After Christian Bale?

By AMC June 14, 2012

The final installment of the Christopher Nolan/Christian Bale Batman franchise is rapidly drawing upon us as "The Dark Knight Rises" opens in AMC Theatres everywhere on July 20th with a special Batman Trilogy event starting June 19th with "Batman Begins" followed by "The Dark Knight" culminating in the midnight screening of "The Dark Knight Rises". Tickets are available now!

In anticipation of this final Nolan Batman film, we at AMC Movie News took a look last week at who could direct the next Batman film after Nolan. This week we take a look at the man behind the mask as we ask and debate who should take up the mantle of the Bat after Christian Bale retires from the role?

So take a look at the video below to hear our picks and listen to the debate then jump into the comments section below to let us know what YOU think. Do you like our picks? Would you rather see someone else? Let us know! Also, don't forget to "like" and tweet out this post using the social media buttons below!

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