Spielberg Wants Thor for ROBOPOCALYPSE

By AMC July 20, 2012

I must admit that when I first heard that Chris Hemsworth was chosen to play the mighty Thor I was a little taken aback. "The guy with the tiny part in STAR TREK who played Kirk's dad"?!?! I asked aloud. "He's not even a big guy" I protested.

Yeah well… I then went on to watch THOR in theaters SEVEN times. Turns out he was perfect for the role and his career has been on a hot streak ever since. He's not just a good looking big dude either. The guy has talent, and it appears Steve Spielberg recognizes that too.

It's being reported that after meeting with Hemsworth, Spielberg has decided he wants the bug Aussie for his new film ROBOPOCALYPSE which he's set to make after he's done with his current project LINCOLN (and no, Abe won't be slaying any vampires in this one). The Novel is about an artificial intelligence known as Archos who decides it's time to rebel against humanity and starts a robot/human war. Sounds like something right up Spielberg's alley.

The script for the film has been written by Drew Goddard, who incidentally just directed "Cabin in the Woods" in which Hemsworth stars.

According to reports no official offer has been tabled, but I have a feeling if Steven Spielberg says he wants something… who is going to say "no"?

Source: Deadline

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