A ROCKETEER Reboot May Be In Development

By AMC August 22, 2012

Rumors that a “Rocketeer” reboot is in the works began yesterday when Vulture reported that Walt Disney Pictures has plans to move forward with a re-imagined version of the comic.

The studio is reportedly in the very early stages of development and taking pitches from potential scribes.

The 1991 cinematic adaptation of the tale starred Billy Campbell, Jennifer Connelly, Alan Arkin and Timothy Dalton. It failed to live up to box office expectations at the time but has become a bit of a cult classic in the ensuing years.

The original storyline for the character is described as follows:

“Set in 1938, the story follows stunt pilot Cliff Secord who comes into possession of an experimental jetpack that allows him to take his fight for justice to the skies.”

Would you like to see another “Rocketeer”?

Source: Vulture

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