Pictures From Pixar's New TOY STORY TOON

By AMC August 9, 2012

Entertainment Weekly has released new images from the new Toy Story Toon "Partysaurus Rex".

The short will screen at the top of the "Finding Nemo" 3D re-release beginning on September 14th. This will be the third short to explore the world of the "Toy Story" characters following the release of the final film in the franchise. The first two were of course "Hawaiian Vacation" and "Small Fry".

The story takes of a snapshot of Wallace Shawn's Rex and his misadventures during bath-time with Bonnie (seen above).

"He's sick of being the angel of goodness and sensibleness and caution and fear," Shawn said in an interview with ET. "He wants to stand on the side of pleasure and happiness and joy... I live this drama every day of my life!"

Take a look at a close-up image of Rex below.

Source: Coming Soon

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