Story Details Revealed For DUMB & DUMBER 2

By AMC August 21, 2012

There has been a lot of back-and-forth in reports on a possible sequel to Bobby and Peter Farrelly’s hit 1994 comedy “Dumb & Dumber”. But the most recent developments seem to indicate that the film will indeed move forward with both Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels on-board to reprise their roles as Lloyd and Harry, respectively.

In an interview with Digital Spy from earlier today, in fact, Bobby Farrelly had the following to say about the plot of the film:

"I can tell you that there is no growth out of either one of them and it's 20 years later... these guys are in regular life and they're still basically children at heart. The story revolves around the fact that one of them may have sired a child. They want to go and find the child because he's having a kidney problem and he wants to ask him for one of his kidneys."

The current plan is to shoot “Dumb & Dumber 2” in the spring of 2013 to accommodate Jeff Daniels “Newsroom” production schedule.

We will keep you updated as details emerge.

Source: Coming Soon

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