Warner Bros. Officially Passes On THE DARK TOWER

By AMC August 21, 2012

Fans of Stephen King's “The Dark Tower” series of novels will be disappointed to learn that Warner Bros. has officially passed on developing a multi-platform adaptation of the grand tale.

The epic tale of Gunslinger Roland Deschain was meant to be delivered via a cinematic trilogy that was connected to a television series featuring the same cast – so it would be a massive commitment for its stars.

Ron Howard was attached at one point to direct the first in the film series and Russell Crowe was reportedly eyeing the lead role.

The hope, for those anxious to see the adaptation come to life, is that another studio will pick up where Warner Bros. left off. But with Universal Pictures out (they passed on the project last summer) “The Dark Tower” seems to be a bit of a hot potato at this time.

Hopefully someone will step in to take on the ambitious endeavor, as it could be, in the right hands, a truly revolutionary way to tell a story.

We will keep you updated as details emerge.

Source: Coming Soon

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