Anne Hathaway May Join Spielberg's ROBOPOCALYPSE

By AMC September 26, 2012

Actress Anne Hathaway's career is hotter than it has ever been. Having turned in a fantastic performance as Sylina Kyle in “The Dark Knight Rises”, which earned her high praise from fans and critics alike, she also has the Oscar-hopeful “Les Miserables” coming out at the end of the year.

The Hollywood Reporter is now reporting that Hathaway is in final negotiations to appear in the upcoming Steven Speilberg sci-fi film “Robopocalypse” alongside Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, who signed on last month. “Robopocalypse”  is based on the novel by the same name and has been adapted into a screenplay by writer Drew Goddard who also penned the 2008's “Cloverfield”, and this year's Joss Whedon produced film “The Cabin in the Woods” which also starred Hemsworth.

The story of “Robopocalypse”  revolves around an A.I. named Archos which becomes self-aware and launches an attack to wipe out humanity and various groups of survivors who struggle to stay alive.

“Robopocalypse” is scheduled to go into production in early 2013 and is set to be released in AMC Theatres everywhere on April 25th 2014.

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